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Useful TIPS for the maintenance of olive oil

Dark glass bottles are the best containers to preserve olive oil because glass is a solid and inert material. Dark glass is necessary because light oxidises when it is exposed to light. Anyway, it must be kept in dark and cool places. For a short period of time, oil can be stored in containers made from other materials which are specially processed to be suitable for food storing. Also, oil can be preserved in the fridge or freezer prolonging its life, in particular green olive oil which stays fresh for about 9 months after its extraction.

Light, oxygen, heat and metal are the four enemies of olive oil. In order to preserve its natural ingredients and attributes, olive oil should be stored in room temperature, inside dark glass bottles, with air-tight lids, that protect it from light and air exposure. Clear plastic bottles should be avoided. Finally, the oil tin should be new and used as a temporary storing container. Once it is opened and the oil level drops the remaining oil should be placed in smaller containers to avoid air exposure inside the tin.