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Organic Farm in Paliouri, MagnesiaOrganic Farm in Paliouri, MagnesiaVoulgari Family Organic Farm
An organic farm, 25 decares (25.000m2), in Paliouri, Magnesia, facing mount Pelion, 10km away from Volos. The morphology of the soil, the small hills, the sea breeze of the Pagasitikos gulf create the ideal microclimate for the Paliouri Extra Virgin Oil and honey of Vulgar family. The Organic Farm includes:

  • Olive groves consisting of "Pelion Variety" which give olive oil and "Kalamon Variety" giving olives.
  • Apiary- Vineyard of about 1,000m2 producing a great selection of red wines.
  • Gardens  having seasonal vegetables
  • Small poultry and animal breeding unit including hens, turkeys, geese, rabbits and lambs.

Herbs found in the area

Herbs like wild oregano, thyme, cistus, caper, peppermint, rosemary, basil, mint, marjoram, etc. also, bitter almond trees, wild pear trees, bushes, weaver`s brooms, spalathies and of course paliouria create an environment rich in aroma which is absorbed by the olive trees and then is passed on to the olive.